About Zen Gems + Yoga

Founded in 2015 in YXE, Zen Gems believes everyone should feel empowered in their day to day life.

Merging mindfulness + energy through yoga + yoga-inspired jewelry to inspire intentional living on + off the mat.

Through a single strand of traditionally hand knotted mala beads, high quality stainless steel layering pieces, a single bracelet or a stack filled with genuine crystals, we're about purposefully adorning with accessories that hold meaning and speak to your soul and make you feel good.

Quality Stainless Steel Layers

Shop a variety of stainless steel necklaces in gold or silver. Perfect for everyday wear + layering!

Fade + tarnish resistant + water proof!

Create your perfect layered look + save! Add 2 or more stainless steel necklaces to your cart + save $15!

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Mala Beads

More than just beautiful adornment, our one of a kind gemstone malas are a meaningful tool to enhance your meditation practice + represent the energy + intentions you wish to embody.

Purchase a mala necklace + add a bracelet to your cart for 50% off! Use code HALFOFFBRAC at checkout.

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Yoga with us!

Join us for virtual yin every Thursday, catch a live class, or join a workshop!