Product Testimonials

I had Nichole create this custom Mala for me. I was experiencing difficulty with meditation. I tried numerous techniques without much success. Nicole walked me through the entire process and meaning of Mala meditation. Since I am my most peaceful on the seas, oceans, and gulfs, I asked her advise. Not only was she 100 % on spot with my custom design, she had the amazing ability of determining which stones, spacers, charm, and focal points to incorporate. I generally, cleanse my jewelry and set my own intention, but I could sense Nicole’s energy in this fabulous piece, and decided to add mine to it. It is my most magical piece of jewelry. I love her work and willingness to add her insight into her Mala’s and other magnificent pieces, so much, that I am in the process of arranging a second custom Mala.

— Cherie W.


I have been a regular customer of Zen Gems jewelry for a little over a year now. The incredible quality of Nichole’s work coupled with her beautifully kind personality keeps me coming back for more!

She makes the custom process so seamlessly effortless, from the initial consultation through to the final product.

I am one of those people that knows exactly what I want, which can be exasperating for the person trying to bring my vision into fruition. Nichole has never once made me feel rushed, or difficult. Instead she has shown nothing but patience and loving guidance as she created the perfect custom bracelets for me.

She keeps communication open throughout the process, being easy to reach and receptive to suggestions. Nichole’s creativity knows no bounds; she sent me update photos that allowed me to take my time before settling on the final look.

The many many bracelets I have received from Nichole are absolutely beautiful to look at. But more important than that for me is the energy contained within each one. I have purchased a couple of bracelets from other local vendors, and while each one was pretty in their own way, not a single one of them has had the phenomenal energy that Nichole’s has. The moment I open a package from Zen Gems Jewelry, I feel the positivity and intention that she has lovingly made each item with.

I truly can not recommend Zen Gems Jewelry enough. Whether you’re looking for a gemstone mama or bracelet for their stunning style, or if you’re looking to set intentions for meditation, or if you believe in the metaphysical properties of gemstones – whatever you’re looking for, I guarantee you will not be disappointed shopping here.

Thank you Nichole for these beautiful bracelets, and for helping me along on my journey of mindfulness, peaceful parenting and self discovery.

— Zainab M.


I first met Nichole when I received a beautiful Zen Gems rainbow hematite bracelet as a gift. I was instantly hooked! I love all of my beautiful bracelets and my malas. Nichole is a warm, friendly person who is so easily to talk to and work with. Her intuition and ability to know exactly what I need in a custom piece always amazes me. Every piece I request is always perfect, gorgeous, and far beyond my expectations.

I have three beloved custom malas, but I find myself reaching for this one, daily. As a musician, I asked Nichole to create something to help me channel my creativity, passion, and joy. She chose the perfect combination of stones and intentions, and finished it off with a sweet little guitar charm and a very special pop of bright green to match the details on my favourite guitar. I love how I feel when I wear it while creating music. I also love to use my malas to meditate, and all three of my customs have been so helpful and healing for me. I am so glad I asked Nichole to create these beautiful pieces for me.


— Erin S.


I love my custom Mala from Zen Gems. I had some ideas about what I wanted, but also was indecisive as I always am. So I just trusted Nichole’s amazing intuition and creative judgment. Nichole took the ideas I had to the next level, it was better then I could have pictured. Every gemstone was chosen with care, every knot tied with sacred intention. It was packaged so lovely with a detailed insert on the gemstones that were chosen. Everything about the process is done with such care and you can tell when you receive your item.

Megan Y.

Virtual Yin Yoga

Join us every Thursday evening for an hour of yin yoga from the comfort of your own home via Zoom. Classes take place from 7 to 8pm CST, and recordings are available should you be unable to join live. 

Classes are geared towards all levels. You can expect an opening discussion/theme, followed by meditation/breathwork, and yin postures with modifications to meet your body where it is.

Yin classes are a beautiful way to nurture your physical body, to bring deep relaxation. The yin practice involves holding yoga asana (postures) for a longer length of time, it serves to stress and release the connective tissues, while improving joint health. As we slow the body, we slow down the breath, and slow down the mind.

The Zoom link and details will be sent out within 24-48 hours.

Summer Solstice Workshop

Come join us outside + in person,

Saturday, June 25th from 6-8pm

to honor summer solstice, welcome the suns life-giving light + fullness of this season

.Together, we will gather + reset with an evening of ritual + yoga to allow those energizing solar properties of summer solstice nurture + inspire you.

The word solstice comes from the Latin roots sol, meaning sun, to stop or be still. Being still + reflecting are powerful ways to ritualize this season.

In this two hour evening, we will:Explore the meaning + wisdom that summer solstice brings.

Dive into self inquiry + reflection with oracle cards (provided) to get clear about what we are releasing + inviting in this season.

Experience rejuvenating pranayama (breath work) + grounding meditation

Be lead through a nourishing all levels yang + yin style class (dynamic movement to enliven, connect + cleanse; + nourishing yin postures to make space + soothe the body + mind).

Spaces are limited so register early!

All registrants will receive a little gift bag of goodies including a set of solstice inspired crystals to infuse with the energy of our practice.

This private event will take place in the backyard of my home in Willowgrove. Address will be provided a couple days before the event.

Please bring a journal, pen, your yoga mat + any props you wish to use, a blanket if it’s cooler, + a mug (tea + kombucha provided).

**Note** As this is an outdoor event, lets all put forth the vibrations for a beautiful, warm evening! Should it rain, we will aim to reschedule within a few days of the original event.

In Person Classes

Join us Sunday's from 10 to 11:15am for a 75 minute all levels flow class at Motion Fitness at Brighton. Free with your Motion Fitness membership, or drop in at the front desk! First come first serve (it is suggested you show up 15 minutes in advance). Check out Motion Fitness' schedule here. Quick tip: filter your search by "Brighton" location, and instructor "Nichole B". (You may also catch me subbing other yoga classes, too!).

Flow classes are geared to all levels (beginners, advanced yogis alike). This class takes foundational inspiration from vinyasa yoga with repetitive + therapeutic movements for mobility, strengthening asanas + some longer held stretches to release lingering tension. Throughout the class, there will be a strong emphasis on connecting with the breath (merging pranayama as our focus point making this a beautiful “moving meditation”) — the ultimate gateway to regulate + soothe our nervous system.