Workshops + Events

Looking to learn about crystals? Foster deeper connections with yourself + like minded community? Or perhaps your yoga wisdom?

We offer a variety of in person workshops each month! 



January 7th, 2023 — Meditate + Create: New Years Intention + Mala Bracelet Workshop

Begin the New Year with intention - join us Saturday, January 7th from 1-3pm at The Hub in YXE (614 Duchess St) for this meditative and creative workshop where you’ll create a 27 bead double wrap mala bracelet — a sacred tool to manifest your hopes for this coming year and heighten your meditation practice.

During this workshop, you will be guided through an intention setting exercise and mantra meditation; explore the significance of japa mala bead meditation, the yogic concept Meditate + Create: New Years Intention + Mala Bracelet Workshopof “mantra”, and how we can utilize this mala bracelet in meditation alongside our mantra to keep us centered, focused and calm in our day to day life.

Working with crystal energy, you will have the opportunity to select from a dozen different gemstones with healing properties to support your unique intentions spacers and charms for your mala bracelet; infusing it with the power of your intention.

Let’s come together for this afternoon of ritual, while a setting mindful intentions and stringing together our hopes and desires for 2023.

Investment: $50

Space is limited. To secure your space, please email The HubinYXE at

January 14th, 2023 — Gather + Flow: Inspired Intentions

 Join Zen Gems Saturday, January 14 from 6-8:30pm for a special Gather + Flow. January’s theme will focus on new beginnings, self reflection, and the power of the yogic concept of “sankalpa” or inspired intention. We will be exploring the ancient ritual of the salt bowl ceremony to mark the potency of this new cycle - a way to create a collective intention. (*see details below).

In each monthly Gather + Flow, we come together for a soulful evening around a special theme. You will be lead through calming practices + discussions that draw wisdom from nervous system healing, breathwork + meditation, + yoga philosophy. We will have the opportunity to reflect, hold space + engage in meaningful sharing in a supportive, non-judgmental environment; followed by an embodiment yoga practice; therapeutic movements + longer yin holds to encourage you to move mindfully, listen in, let go, + breathe deep into all that you feel, so that you may feel more calm, empowered + connected as you re-enter the flow of your life.

* Please bring something to add to symbolize your intentions (essential oils, dried herbs/flowers, something from nature). Each of us will take home a share of this powerful creation to use as you like (as bath salts, on you sacred space, to inspire your meditation, etc).

Investment: $40
Spaces are limited. Please email the Hub in YXE to secure your space at

February 12, 2023 — Gather + Flow: Self Love Mini Retreat

Come join us Sunday, February 12th from 12-4pm for afternoon of nurturing practices devoted to your physical, mental, and spiritual self love and wellbeing. 
In our sixth annual self love workshop, we will come together as a circle women in a warm and supportive environment, cultivating deeper self awareness, inspiring our inner power, and reconnecting to our sense of self, and our self worth.
When we prioritize taking care of ourselves so fully and wholly, we are connected to a state of self love that empowers us to show up in the world. We are healthier versions of ourselves. More compassionate towards those around us. We are more aligned with our values, our goals and our purpose. (This event is being offered as an extended version of our monthly Gather + Flow womens circle.)
In this four hour mini retreat, you will:
  • be lead through a wisdom + sharing circle focused on self love, the connection between the yogic elements of the anahata (heart) chakra and ahimsa (loving kindness) and how they can deepen our connection to ourselves and a life of compassion
  • journal to deepen your relationship with yourself and explore self compassion
  • be guided in a meditation and intention setting practice to increase self love and presence
  • create a bracelet to serve as a reminder of your intention with gemstones filled with energies of self love, compassion, growth, peace + intuition
  • intentional breathwork to soothe the nervous system, heighten awareness, and calming the mind and body
  • an introspective and nourishing yin yoga practice, to facilitate physical embodiment
Treats and tea will be provided (please bring your own mug).
Investment: $75. To register, please e-mail The Hub in YXE at
Please note/bring for our afternoon together:
Dress comfortably - warm socks and layers are welcome if you like to be cozy!
Bring with you a yoga mat, a bolster or pillow (we will be seated on the floor!), blanket/towel and any other props you wish to utilize for our physical yoga practice. Props are not required but are a great way to invite in more comfort for your practice.
Bring water, and a mug as tea will be provided.
A journal and a pen.
Any sacred objects (crystals, jewelry, cards, anything with meaning to you) you wish to display in the altar space + infuse with the energy of the afternoon.