Student Feedback

Yoga with Nichole is exactly what my mind and body need and I look forward to re-grounding myself every week. Her calming teachings, beautiful music selection, and radiating energy are the perfect combination and I always feel more connected to myself after one of her classes. 

— Chantal M


I thoroughly enjoy my yoga classes with Nichole. I appreciate how Nichole brings her wisdom to each class, sharing snippets of sutras as we move through poses. This is unique to Nichole, and shows her genuine love for yoga as a whole holistic lifestyle.
Her yin classes are especially magical, I’m always left feeling utterly transformed and relaxed. The little community she has cultivated offers a sanctuary of support that is much needed in the modern fast paced life we lead. I truly can’t thank her enough. Namaste, my sweet friend!

— Zainab M.


I’ve been practicing with Nichole for the past two years and find myself looking forward to every class! Her down-to-earth approach to yoga philosophy paired with the relaxing yin poses create the perfect environment to lean in 😍 plus her support for props and alterations help me feel comfortable in my unique body ❤️

— Lacey S.


Nichole’s yoga classes are always a highlight to my week. 

Whether it be a slow flow or yin yoga class I always leave feeling better. Better settled in my mind and body. Nichole’s classes are informative and inclusive. There is always something I take away from her classes. Whether it be a new way to do a physical posture, a breathing technique or a quote that resonates with me to carry with me off the mat. Her classes allow space to be still and mindful which is something I don’t always find for otherwise. The option to do classes online has made finding time to do yoga so much more accessible. I’d highly recommend trying a class, your body and mind will thank you!

— Teagan K.


Nichole teaches yoga with the sense of wonder, curiousity and inquiry of a student . She offers thoughtful and intelligent readings at the start and end of each class , often with a theme or guiding principle which is woven through the postures. A short guided meditation provides grounding and breath work to anchor the practice to follow . The song playlists are curated beautifully to align with the postures and energy of the practice . Each posture is described with detailed expression allowing the ability to transition seamlessly without need to open the eyes , or look at a screen throughout the movements . I appreciate Nichole’s innovation in creating fresh new sequences for each class. Her clear and creative vision inspires and challenges my perception in the supportive and safe space provided , allowing for growth and renewal to naturally coexist .

— Cheryl S.