Studio Classes

Weekly Studio Yoga Classes

Tuesday’s 9-10am and Friday's 9:15 to 10:15am
Hot rise and shine @ Oxygen Yoga + Fitness in Evergreen

Begin your day by centering your mind and body. Rise and shine builds slowly with fluid poses close to the mat, then merges sun salutations, balance poses, gentle strength and energizing hearti openers, finishing with some delicious stretches for the hips and spine. Early morning yoga is a great way to center yourself, listen to your body and set an intention. An invigorating and refreshing way to ease into your day. 

Tuesday’s 10:15-11:15
Hot O2 20 @ Oxygen Yoga + Fitness in Evergreen (beginning September 12th)

O2/20 is an all levels class, where we transition through 20 different yoga postures for a full body practice. Each pose is held for a series of 5-10 breaths and repeated twice to increase strength, focus, stamina and flexibility. While there are no flows or sun salutations in this class, you have the opportunity to refine your alignment, invite in balance and increase your flow of energy, working through the specific organization of standing, balance, warrior, and postures to strengthen the core and back. This class seeks to connect you to the present moment, emphasizing concentration as you steady the body, mind and breath. 

Thursday's 10:45-11:45am
Deep stretch and relaxation @ Oxygen Yoga + Fitness in Evergreen

All levels will enjoy this class for mind & body. Spend the first half of the class relaxing through seated stretches and gentle flows. During the second half, you will hold yin postures to increase flexibility and stretch your connective tissues. These stretches tap into your inner strength with calmness and ease. This serene class that allows you to “let go” of your daily stresses and chaos, instead zero-ing in on your inner peace, health & well-being under the blanketing comfort of the warm FAR Infrared Heating therapy. 

REGISTRATION: Find Oxygen Yoga + Fitness on your Mind Body app to register in advance. Schedule, class details and class payment options can be found on Oxygen's website here

Sunday's 10 to 11:15am
All levels flow @ Motion Fitness at Brighton

This class takes foundational inspiration from vinyasa yoga with repetitive + therapeutic movements for mobility, strengthening asanas + some longer held stretches to release lingering tension. Throughout the class, there will be a strong emphasis on connecting with the breath (merging pranayama as our focus point making this a beautiful “moving meditation”) — the ultimate gateway to regulate + soothe our nervous system.

REGISTRATION: Free with your Motion Fitness membership, or drop in at the front desk (10 punch passes are $100 and good for 90 days!).  First come first serve (it is suggested you show up 10-15 minutes in advance). Check out Motion Fitness' schedule here. Quick tip: filter your search by "Brighton" location, and instructor "Nichole B". (You may also catch me subbing other yoga classes, too!).