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An assortment of prerecorded Zoom classes are privately available on our YouTube channel. 

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 A quick 30 minute practice with a more traditional vinyasa flow feel. Vinyasa means to connect breath with movement. In this class we will explore spinal mobility and strength through some traditional movements as well as some functional strength components. Low body strengthening and stretching and a whole lot of twisty goodness.

Soften to what life is presenting us. Enjoy some softening breathwork to calm our body/mind connection and ground ourselves into presence. Create space for the neck, shoulders, as well as some flexion/extension/side bends to nourish the spine.
Connect to your energetic center within the pelvis. This is our home to transform energy, to feel emotions, to manifest the energy of change. How does it feel to be in the flow here? This class is one for this space. We will work into the inner thighs, outer hips and hip flexors, as well as mobilize through the low spine.
What is real and not true? Satya in yoga requires us to separate our thoughts from emotions, to distinguish where our beliefs stem from - what is real, and what we are choosing to layer them with. On the mat, we are guided to pay attention to our sensations. Deep breathing for the nervous system. Love for the side body, the hamstrings and the pelvis.
This practice incorporates some creative, functional strength and mobility for the neck and shoulders to compliment ones yoga practice. Moving slowly and with breath. We also target the lower body, specifically the legs in a series of strengthening sequencing.
When we direct our energy, we let it guide our intentional movements. In this balanced class we explore fluid movements for our shoulders, as well as functional + strengthening repetition for our core and balance and stability for our hips. Meet your body with love + gratitude.
"Here and now is where yoga begins" - The Yoga Sutras There is power in our breath. It has the incredible ability to anchor us into the present. The practice asks us to come as we are. We start slow on our backs, gradually working to release tension in the hamstrings and hip flexors, with some moments to open our hearts.
Savor a full body gentle, stretchy practice. This is a practice will work through slow repetition for the neck, shoulders + spine, a little work for the core, and some sweet releases for the entire lower body.
This gentle vinyasa class focuses on our inner thighs, hamstrings and spine. Open to the fullness and joy that is in the present moment. This fluid class will encourage us to maintain a ujayi breath, connecting us to our prana as we move through these postures with repetition.
Lets be in this moment. Making space for what is. In this gentle flow class, we will explore functional vinyasa movements with repetition for strength and mobility. This practice will focus on space for the low spine, strength for the entire back side, as well as lengthening and releasing in through the hamstrings.
Stay on the path. When we show up on our mats, we unite our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. This practice will focus on mobilizing through the entire length of the spine through fluid movements and twists, lengthening and accessing strength in our side bodies, as well as some lower body releases to round out the back line of the body.
Journey within. Lets open our hearts together by releasing in through the neck, shoulders and chest. A 30 minute practice to invite in mobility and movement through the thoracic spine. Connect to your heart space and breathe into the joy and love that is always available to us.
This class takes foundational inspiration from a gentle vinyasa approach (think breath with movement) + spa yoga (slow, repetitive + therapeutic movements for mobility) with some gentle strengthening asanas + some longer held stretches to release lingering tension in through the spine + hips.
Yoga enables us to connect our mind + body. Everytime we show up on our mats to practice, we connect the wisdom of our body with the intelligence of our mind. Connect to your innate truth + the present moment with this full body practice. We will gradually build our energy, working through kapalabhati pranayama (breathwork), followed by gentle nourishing movements for our neck, shoulders and spine, before strengthening our core, back and hips through a vinyasa style flow.
Yin yoga teaches us about slowing down. About finding the sweetness that arises in the present moment. We can practice patience when we allow our bodies to settle and to release with the time spent in each pose. We can inquire what our habitual response is when we are still. May you find yourself rooted in presence in this full body practice. We will explore postures to release tension from the neck and shoulders, the legs and hips, as well as the entire spine.
Life is always moving and changing. In this practice, can we accept the shifts and changes and surrender more into what is? Surrender to your mat and receive what this practice has to offer. We will explore hip and heart openers to release what we are holding (aparigraha), practice deeper contentment (santosha), and ultimately surrender to a higher energy (ishvara pranidhana).
Be here now. Enjoy this lower body focused practice to connect you to this moment. Offer yourself more kindness as you welcome stillness in each posture. This practice aims to find more grace for your process, and physically, more ease and space through the low back, hamstrings, and quads.
Explore equilibrium through this twist + equalizing focused class. Move mindfully between effort and ease (sthira and suhka) to meet yourself exactly where you are. This practice will aim to find more space and mobility through our upper back and chest, the entire length of the spine and work into some release within the hips.