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Tarot Card Necklace || Sun Moon Star || Stainless Steel

Tarot Card Necklace || Sun Moon Star || Stainless Steel

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Gold or silver plated sparkly stainless steel chain measuring 24”

Tarot is the storybook of our life, the mirror to our soul, and the key to our inner wisdom.

SUN CARD: the one true star shining bright. The presence of sunlight is empowering: clarity, openness, acceptance, Nowness, life. It is an abundant existence of life bursting forth, brimming over the world, rolling onto the landscape like a solar wave.

STAR CARD: sparkling eyes of hope in nighttime. They are impossible to see during the day and only visible in night’s quiet. What is important is that at this very moment, we are able to receive its light, even if it’s just a flicker, a tiny portion of its reality, a fraction of a faraway existence. The light is real, at this very moment. It reminds us that there is a bigger reality out there, there are more stars out there than you can count, more suns out there than you can fathom.

MOON CARD: the shining silver orb of myth. The Moon reflects light from the sun and glows from a borrowed light, glowing at night alongside the stars. It only reflects 3-12% of the sun's light--on a symbolic level, it only partially reflects the truth and reality that encompass us. The Moon itself gives off no light of its own, but it can bend, receive, transmute, transform, and reshape light. It shows you that while in the moonscape everything seems to be changing and nothing is absolute and concrete, it hands you snippets of the one true light: the sun, so that when the sun rises once more, you will be ready to face the day.

Bracelet Sizing

For the most accurate sizing, measure your wrist snug with a measuring tape and add 1 inch in order to get your "bracelet size". This refers to the strung length of your bracelet (please note the beads take up the inner diameter, hence why I suggest adding an inch so it's not too tight). Ie: if your wrist measures 6", it is recomended you select the 7" bracelet.

Suggested Sizing:

- Womens Petite/Teens: 6.5"

- Womens Medium: 7" (*my most popular womens size)

- Womens Large/XL: 7.5"

- Mens Medium: 8" (*my most popular mens size)

- Kids (approx age 6-10 yrs): 6"

Care Instructions


Gemstone pieces are considered  fine pieces of jewelry. Crystals and gemstones should be treated with care, avoid getting them wet or exposing to extreme heat or cold - this can damage the crystals and fade their coloring. Given their energetic properties, charge your crystals in the windowsill during the full moon, + most importantly, wear your piece with INTENTION!


Stainless steel components + layering pieces are silver, gold or rose gold plated. These metals wear incredibly well, even when worn daily. In time, an antiquing effect known as patina may show its love and wear, and does not harm the piece of jewelry. Plated hematite spacers are used in gemstone jewelry. Certain ph levels in one’s skin may cause this natural patina effect to occur quicker in these accents but does not affect the crystals themselves. 

Shipping & Returns


All items are shipped from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. If you are local and wish to pick up, please select local pick up at checkout. Orders are processed within approximately two business days. Orders under $65 are shipped lettermail, orders over $65 are shipped with tracking, and all orders over $150 are shipped for FREE, no coupon code needed.


Given the energetic nature of the gemstones in our jewelry, returns and exchanges are not accepted. Should there be a problem with your order, it fails to meet your expectations or it arrives damaged, please reach out to us at so we can come up with a reasonable solution.

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